Hi, I’m Judy.

Financials usually scare people. They honestly used to scare me. Now it seems numbers and finances are the biggest focus of my life. I write about crunching numbers and the performance of financial markets in order to educate people that need help. I think everyone should be financially literate.

About Me

Growing up, I had a slightly unusual childhood. I was born with a rare medical condition that put me on the sideline for many childhood activities. My situation forced me to rely on books and learning for entertainment. I know… I’m a dork. I ended up having normal teenage years with my medical condition mostly under control.

What remained from my childhood was a love of reading, writing, and math. As I grew into an adult and embarked on the path of higher education, accounting and finance spoke to me more than anything. I always kept up with my writing as I dove deeper into the world of numbers and I knew the two would meet in the middle one day.

After spending some time in public accounting and then consulting, I started to notice how financially illiterate many of my friends and family members were. It seemed as though people were scared of learning how various financial systems worked. A lightbulb went off in my head and I said to myself, “I can teach people this stuff.”

I love writing about topics that are intimidating to people who aren’t in the business world. I manage to wrangle them into submission for them.

What I Do

There seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation in the accounting and finance world. My goal is to write about topics that clear up any confusion someone may have about a topic. I write pieces that either add to a conversation or narrative or introduce a new concept. I love to teach and the way I know how to do that is through thought provoking and well-researched writing.


After graduating from school as a CPA, I jumped into the world of public accounting. This was the first area I began writing in as well and I now focus on accounting news, trends, and technology.


The world of finance is an exciting and often confusing one. I write articles to demystify markets and to cover what is really happening in the financial world.

Business Tech

Technology in business is constantly evolving and changing. I strive to stay on top of all new tech to make sure my audience can stay on top of it as well.

Let’s work together

Contact me through the contact form for business inquiries. 👉